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Meet Mike, A top-performing audio visual technician with a strong background in electronics and over 8 years of experience in the AV industry - Mike is self-motivated, quick thinking, and focused on producing high quality results in a timely manner. As someone who is devoted to providing the highest level of service, Mike prides himself on his professional manner and ability to remain calm and positive under stressful situations. He is comfortable working in a team or on his own and strives to set a positive example for his coworkers.  

Mike is currently based in Maryland and is accepting work in the following locations: 

Mike is also willing to tour domestically and internationally and has no criminal record or alcohol/ drug issues and a clean passport.  

Virginia washington Dc 

Maryland Delaware Pennsylvania  

 New Jersey

World Wide

Almond Tree Flowers
Autumn Leaves
Berry Branches
Tranquil forest
Cherry Blossom
Dramatic Dew Drops
Echinacea Coneflowers
Fresh Herbs Close Up
Lily Pond
Lush Plants
Open Field
Raindrops on Window
Budding Tree
Water Droplets
Ray of Light
Tropical Berries Close Up
Stalks of Wheat
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