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So you've decided to record...


Congratulations on taking the first step to getting the right sound.  Regardless of if this is your first time recording, or you are a seasoned pro, make sure you choose a studio and an engineer who will respect your craft.    Allowing 







Logic Pro

Reason 8



Plugins by:



Plug-in Alliance 

Plug & Mix

13" Macbook Pro 

2.5 GHz Intel Core i5

16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

2 TB SSD Hard Drive

Mics by Shure, Akg, MXL and more

16 Channel Rack mounted

Splitter Snake

Digi 003 Rack +  

Focusrite ISA 428 

and more 

for a total track count of 16 channels

Highly configurable rack mount  CPU


Windows 7 Ultimate

Various linux distros

Mac OS X

32 gb ram

Additional Equipment can be made available based on the need and budget of the project

Almond Tree Flowers
Autumn Leaves
Berry Branches
Tranquil forest
Cherry Blossom
Dramatic Dew Drops
Echinacea Coneflowers
Fresh Herbs Close Up
Lily Pond
Lush Plants
Open Field
Raindrops on Window
Budding Tree
Water Droplets
Ray of Light
Tropical Berries Close Up
Stalks of Wheat
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